Thursday, August 27, 2009

God Given Moments are all around me.

I am going to home school. A decision that seemed so easy to make but was very hard to settle with. I prayed and searched and prayed some more. Finally the pieces started to slowly fall into place. People came out of nowhere to help me with opinions and options. Gracefully steping into my life friendships were being built. It was almost like God held between his fingers a needle, thread, and several small pieces of fabric, that didn't really seem to go together all that well and then all of a sudden the more he pulled and pushed the needle through the fabric a beautiful quilt was being made. Then it seemed that any little or big bump I ran into He carefully took my hand and let me through the rough patches until I found peace again. I must take this time to thank Some of those beautiful people that played a part both big and small, in my decision to home school. Cheryl Pigott, who told me about classical conversations the program that I decided to go with for my childrens edcuation. Lisa Roska The director of classical conversations who has been everything inspiring to me. Then the many many people that I met in passing that homeschool and that don't homeschool who have said nothing but encourging words to me. So for all of the above... I must say Thank you!

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