Monday, March 17, 2008

My Litte Fairy!

My little girl won the Little Miss Leprechaun Pagent in Emerald Isle at the St. Patricks Day Festival on Saturday. I was so excited for her she was so happy. She got up there and sang her song and batted her eyes and totally flirted with the host (Gary Dean) who is our CBS local news anchor. Don't get the wrong idea she didn't even know that it was a compition. I told her that it was all for fun. I really thought that she would get up there on that stage and start crying. So as you can imagine when she got up there and did her thing, I was so proud!! Couldn't be prouder. AND to make things better I made her dress. I've never made anything and I made her a pretty little fairy dress all green and sparkly. so I'm just pretty gosh darn proud of my daughter and my sewing skills!!