Sunday, January 18, 2009

There I go again not blogging but in dire need of ways to express myself and be creative verbally. Wondering why in the world there are no outlets for moments like those I remembered oh yeah I have a blog!! I am going to blog today, but what about. Do I organize my thoughts or do I ramble endlesslly about life and things I want to know and do or see and experience. Who knows? I'm in a rambling mood today I think.

My life couldn't be anyless wonderful than it is at this very moment. My beautiful and wonderfully creative Miss Myla is as usual creating something in her room she has said that Mr. Potato head needed a wife for Valentines day so she had to find her and save her from the evil dragon. hmm.. I wonder who will be the dragon today mommy or daddy? Possibly her sleepy eyed little brother whom by the way is still sleeping next me. The steady sound of his breating is rhythmically going along steady with the sound of all the random thoughts running through my head and the playful humming coming from the other room and of course somewhere in there is Daddy downstairs playing his guitar and placing together songs for next weeks worship set at church. yes I must say that life is absolutly perfect at this point.

Myla informed me yesterday at 4 years old that she has decided to be an artist when she grows up and wants to have all the different paint brushes and a couple of colors to make all the colors in the world to paint everything. So I asked her to elebrate what she ment by everything flowers or people or animals. The question may have been misunderstood or maybe it was the answer that was misunderstood but she replied EVERYTHING, Everything in the house and the outside. The trees, the stars, the books and the dolls.

Did she mention that she was going to paint on paper? I didn't remember hearing that so now I am fearful that there will be paint on the walls oneday when I'm not paying close attention. The thought oddly enough makes my heart warm and me smile. Yes life is truly perfect at this moment. So I leave this perfect post about rambled thoughts with the perfect picture of my creative one.

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