Monday, February 18, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks!!!

Ok so as you saw at 4 oclock this morning I'm not feeling the greatest. Well it seems that my children are starting to get sick again as well. So all day long they wanted to sit in my lap and snuggle and kiss me. And All I could think about was how bad I've been feeling and that I don't want them to feel that way. I have been giving them tylonol (sp) for fever already but I don't want them to have the throat soreness and the cough and the BLAGH of it all... Well they got it and they got it bad. SO I am praying that they feel better soon. If someone wants to send Myla my DD a get well card she would love it. She always looks for things in the mail. My snail mail addy is.
4600 country club rd apt 107F
Morehead City NC 28557
I would say that My son would love one as well but he is a litte young for a card.
Have a blessed day filled with God Given Moments!!


Whoopsie Daisy! said...

I'll send a card! I'm sorry y'all are feeling so terrible. We were there in your shoes just the past couple of weeks. Sending BIG hugs your way!!

SBS 11

Bridget said...

aww I hope ya'll get better soon

jo said...

Hope you all feel better soon

Toni said...

Can you all snuggle in Mommy's bed and watch Jungle Book and cartoons and sleep off and on? Gosh I hope you all feel better.

Teresa K. said...

There is something nasty going around. I hope you're all better soon!