Thursday, February 14, 2008

ok... SO I know it has been a few weeks since I have blogged but I have good reason... ok so not really good reason but good enough I guess. I am in my last semester to get my Assoicate in Arts Transfer. I planned on this being an easy semester filled with pottery, painting, and drama.... Oh no... That was just to easy. You see these classes were during the day and I had nobody to watch my children so I could take them so I had to chose online classes and somehow I ended up with.... Hold your breath...
Western Civilations
So my semester was not as easy as I would have liked.... errrr.... so I have been so busy with homework that I have not done anything else...errr.. No stamping, no altering, no nothing. I am slightly tired of it all but I keep telling myself that it is almost done. YEA!!! hopefully. I Think I will wait a while before returning to finish for my bacholors in a few years so sadly enough I have nothing neat to post for you. Have a blessed day filled with God given moments


jo said...

You sound incredibly busy Gina! Hope it goes OK for you.

Toni said...

now that is a full class schedule -- but some pretty interesting subjects!

Carolina said...

wow! That's some wonder you don't have time for anything else. Good luck with the rest of the semester!

Sara Frawley said...

just stopping by to see what you're up to... thanks for being the shoulder I needed last night... I guess I had some stuff to get off my chest. :) You're the greatest! *wink.