Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm BACK!!

Ok. So I have been MIA for a while. Alot has been going on since the last time that I posted. My family took a trip to Virginia and saw all the old towns there. It was ok. Rained the whole time we were there. But it is kind of a family tradition everyone in the WHOLE family meets somewhere in the middle for a big family reunion. I have been working on my ideas to promote my Stampin' UP! buisness. I think I am going to gear my parties towards baby showers and weddings. All the guests will get to make a certain card and the host will get the cards to hand out (when the baby arrives or as wedding gift thank yous) Who knows at this point I am almost willing to try anything. I am making some really cute cards for my friend Amanda's baby annoucement with the help of my Upline Sara Frawley (the link to her blog is below) and the inspiration of another one of her downline Annette (hope I spelled that right) and here is a picture of it. I used barley banana and certainly celery cardstock also chocolate chip and very vanillia. I also uses Chocolate chip ribbon and the green striped ribbion I got from wal-mart.
I ended up showing it to a few friends and they LOVE it!!! So that is where I got the idea for doing these parties. Plus they are based of an idea that my aunt Jackie had too. Anyway... let me know what you think!


Whimsey said...

Hi SBS 10 sistah!! You visited my blog and asked about my blog banner...I paid for it. :D I love it so much!!! She also changed the colors of my blog AND did numerous watermarks for me. There is another designer out there that is doing a ton of blog banners for people. I've checked in to using her; but the overall process wasn't quite as 'simple' for me personally. I still might use her though. Her blog is "Freckled Fun"; you might google and see if you find it - if not I can give you the exact blog address. Glad you stopped by; can't wait to visit your blog!!

Sara Frawley said...

WOO HOO GINA'S BLOGGING!!! And now, we're officially "sistahs"! I'm so proud of these baby announcements and we definately need to get together again soon to stamp together. Kailynn has been asking about Myla... she's so excited!
Talk to you soon! Love ya girl!

Latisha said...

these are really cute pocket cards! welcome to sbs10
talk to you soon,

Jeri Aaron said...

Hello, I'm Jeri - I beleive we are both on SBS 11.

Veronica said...

This is adorable. Looking forward to visiting your site and looking at all your beautful art.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I just know we will have a blast on SBS

chelemom said...

This is adorable!!!

Laurel said...

That is adorable. I love the giraffe, he is so cute.