Thursday, July 3, 2008

good times and bad.

ok... so Apperatly I have had some people miss me. First off I have to apoligize fore not blogging latley, life has been so busy and hectic, not to mention that I had my cable and internet shut off. It's been kind of heavy around here. Physically and Emotionly. I had a bout with my husband at the beginning of this month that was pretty seriouse, but Things are MUCH MUCH better there. Much better than they were in a long time. I believe that was something God set up to heal wounds from before. Also we went to Chicago for a week to Willow Creek. A church that hosts this Arts confrence every year. Last year I even met a SU! demo. This confrence is for EVERYBODY!! musicions, visual artists, dancers, drama, vocalists. EVERYBODY. they get together and teach you how to use your gift for God's Glory. It was an amazing experiance. Plus some time for my husband and I without the babies. It was nice. Also we just got back from Boone, NC. We met some family there. We try to do that at least once a year this year we aimed for twice, everyone meets at one place and comes in from places in maryland, Nc, and MI. It's such a blessing that we can do that.
As you can guess I have not had much time for crafting or blogging. but I promise I'll try to do better and make something this week and post it!
Have a blessed day filled with God given moments

And a pic of Myla and her Daddy to end this post.


Debbie Yates said...

Well welcome back - I missed you!!!
So what are you creating here lately????

Don't forget you've been tagged!

Sara Frawley said...

Glad to hear things are going better for you Gina. I miss you. We need to get together and do some crafting... Plus, Kailynn misses Myla. She asked me yesterday "Mommy, is Myla still my Best Friend because we don't ever play?" Anyway, call me... lets get together. Love you Girl!

Jamie Martin said...

Welcome back, I can't wait to see more of your wonderful creations :)

SBS Sister