Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello... This is she... FRIKIN AWSOME!!!

ok typing this for the second time.....grrr
As some of you know I live in a very small town and wal-mart is the place to be. There isn't much to do around here and the closest michaels is about 50 minutes away. It was a trip that I always hated becuase that is enough time to kill anyones creative drive. I didn't get to make it much as it was and with the gas prices rising it seemed like they were going to be few and far between. Until one magical day when all my dreams came true. I guess that my town decided to grow up and get some good stores so we got a tjmax, a pet smart, a shoe store, a bed bath and beyond, and tucked away in the center of those was a Michaels. I almost screamed out loud in excitement... ok so I did scream out loud. I was frikin excited. The day of the grand opening I wasn't going to make it because I was taking care of my grandmother and my upline Sara Frawley decides to tell me that they are having a drawing for gift cards and a cricut machine. Well pooh. I wasn't going to make it. Even if I dropped everything right then and there, it just wasn't going to happon. BUT a thought crossed my mind. My husband was. he would be driving right by the store at anytime now and unknowling be missing the oportunity of my life (sad huh) so I figured I would try to get a hold of him. Well my conversation was anything but uplifing with him. He said that he wasn't going into woman land to spin a "wheel o' fun" ( I don't know why he called it that. you spun the wheel and got a free prize) But he was totally unwilling to go into that store and fill out this dinky little peice of paper for me. I was so mad. and it wasn't becuase my chances were thrown out the window but because he was being dumb and I don't like it when people are dumb. so I pouted and whined and then said fine I didn't want you to go anyway but if you do decide to go I would greatly appricate it... and a you don't love me in there somewhere... I was really putting on the guilt.... well it's never worked before but this time it did... YEAH!!! and boy am I glad I got a call today saying that I won the $50 gift card. Which to me was great. I won something and I never ever get to buy myself anything. So I was happy. and then my upline gave me a 50% and a 20% off coupon.. so I was really excited and here is what I got. After going to the store 3 times to decide what I really truly wanted. There was just so much and to have this $50 was like amazing to me. so here they are!!


Whoopsie Daisy! said...

I am laughing SO hard right now... OMG! "Woman land?" "Wheel o fun?" But you got him to go in anyways and you won a gift card! Woooo hoooo! Way to go! I love my little black caddy. I see you got one too. I got the little red one that they sell now. They are so stinkin' cute! Love your goodies. Enjoy! Great story!

Sara Frawley said...

HOORAH for G! I'm so flippin' jealous! Jason was so sweet to go into girl land for you... and just so you know, I would have spun the wheel-o-fun for you if I could have. :) Enjoy your goodies. I'm happy for you.